"The most advanced community VR Sync tool"
"Create an awesome cinema feeling."
"Synced audio for breathtaking sound."
"No headphones needed."
"Incredibly easy to use."
"40.000 enthusiastic viewers."
"Bulletproof and stable."
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This is the heart of our solution. Even if your devices are not at your place, you can still keep the magic happening. All devices work as they were one. Feel the sound and hear your neighbour. No more isolated VR anymore. Connect impressive audio systems and let your customers feel the sound instead of just listen to it.
You want to distribute your latest content to your clients but they are hundreds of miles away. No problem. With eVRsync you just push your movie over the network. Start and stop the client’s player from any place in the world.
A visitor arrives too late to your VR event and the demonstration is already in full swing? No problem. Thanks to the Smart Seeking Solution, the headset starts at the right place and the viewer is immediately part of the community.
You want to update just one device. Or all of them. No problem. Just do it.
We support two modes. The Event Mode to sync all devices at once. Alternatively you can switch to the Single Player or “TileView” Mode. In this mode each device switches to a tile view and shows all movies installed. Each user can choose individually which movie they want to view.
Our devices will immediately go to sleep if they are not in use. They can be placed on spot completely assembled without any cable for hours, ready to be synced. We present more than 30 events per day without charging them. This enables a seamless integration into your speeches, talks, lectures or events. Using VR just became as easy as presenting your content on a beamer.
We provide local hardware that works seamlessly with all our internet based solutions. The devices don’t need to be changed. Everything works out of the box. We sync 1-2000 devices with only one of our network station. (more available on request)
You want to change the appearance to create a branded “Welcome Room”? Just do it. All the changes are pushed over the network. No manual input needed.
Just add your graphics. You can easily control when are they visible.
We support movies and images. Mono and Stereo. Up to 4K.
Now The only audio synchronized VR Cinema is here for you.
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The service includes:

  • VR devices
  • Local network
  • Project management / logistics
  • Content integration
  • Customized welcome room on brand
  • A full day operation at your destination
  • or training to manage the event by your own staff
Custom made events and more devices available on request.

Additional options:
  • Extension day/s
  • Device brandings
  • Voting features
  • Integration of 4D features like wind, rain, heating or smell
  • Construction of cave
  • Extended project management for your event

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Included in all Bundles:

  • Global asset management
  • Global remote control
  • Branded application
  • Gear VR and Cardboard Apps for Android
  • All updates included
  • Scale your license temporarily at any time
  • Optional: Oculus Store Clients for remote installations
  • Devices not included, rentals on request
“eVRsync 15” web version
Beginners Setup: No local network. Manage and sync your own devices global.

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